Hanging Clothes Inspectors

Spring Sale Guidelines

Popular Teen Brands

Frequent “Slip Throughs” at clothes inspection:

  • Vacation/Camp/Rec League/DIY Tie-dye tees
  • 3-Letter Monogrammed items
  • Stains
  • Wrong season

Shoe Inspectors

Spring Shoe Guidelines

Frequent “Slip Throughs” at shoe inspection:

  • Mismatched shoe sizes
  • Missing laces/in-soles
  • Worn out treads
  • Excessive scuffing, very dirty

Toy Inspectors

Not Accepted List

Items priced $50 and higher should receive a claim ticket and be placed in the $50+ area.  Ask Gogel or Monica for help.

Frequent “Slip Throughs” at toy inspection:

  • Sunglasses, Jewelry
  • Naked Barbies/Naked baby dolls
  • Soft infant toys
  • Dollar store toys, kid meal toys, Free with Purchase toys
  • School workbooks
  • Pregnancy/Parenting books

Bargain Bin Inspectors

Not Accepted List

This inspection area receives bagged clothing, baby essentials, blankets, kid décor.

Frequent “Slip Throughs” at bargain bins:

  • Complimentary hospital items (blankets, hats, diaper bags)
  • Sunglasses, jewelry
  • Bagged pants, outfits, clothing over 24 mo.
  • Trinkets
  • Bathroom décor
  • Homemade items – quilts, wall hangings, frames

Large Item Inspectors

Not Accepted List

Frequent “Slip Throughs” at Large Item Inspection:

  • Outdated baby equipment
  • Dirty strollers
  • Ripped, dirty Pack n Plays
  • Missing parts, non-functional

Claim Ticket Instructions:

  • Provide sellers the number of claim tickets they need
  • Provide sellers a sharpie, zip ties and stapler
  • Show them the sample claim ticket and which fields to complete
  • Confirm the claim ticket description matches the item
  • Confirm the claim ticket has a barcode AND the top portion contains seller #, price, Disc or No Disc that matches the barcode.