Working at little T Gives great perks and rewards

Thank you for taking interest in working with Little T! By volunteering to work, you can earn a higher percentage of your sales and gain early access to shop! We work as a team to deliver a great shopping experience for you, your friends and family.

Worker Incentives

The Perks*:
  • 1 shift = 1 ticket to exclusive worker pre-sale
  • 2 shifts = 1 ticket to exclusive worker pre-sale + 75% seller earnings
  • 2 shifts + 1 re-sort shift = 1 ticket to earlier worker pre-sale + 80% seller earnings**
  • LOU only: 3 shifts + 1 re-sort shift = 1 ticket to Early Bird Sale + 85% seller earnings**

* only 1 ticket per account
**Available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once those shifts are full, we will start a waiting list. Please email

Special Incentivized Shifts:

Each shift is 4 hours. Working special shifts will upgrade your perks rewards!

Louisville Sale

  • 3 Inspector shifts = Early Bird Sale at 12pm
  • 3 Runner shifts = Early Bird Sale at 12pm
  • Sale Prep = FAST PASS for faster checkout
  • Line Monitor or Door Worker = Free T-Shirt
  • Set-Up shift = Peeps Pre-Sale at 2pm + FAST PASS for faster checkout
  • Teardown Shift = Peeps Pre-Sale at 2pm + FAST PASS for faster checkout
  • Any 3 shifts = Peeps Pre-Sale
  • Any 4 shifts = Early Bird Sale

Northern KY Sale

  • Clothes Inspector = Early Bird Sale
  • Re-Stock Worker =Early Bird Sale
  • Re-Sort Worker = Early Bird Sale
  • Any 3 shifts = Early Bird Sale

The Rules:
  1. You must be a seller in order to sign up for a shift.
    It only takes 20 items! (If not, you can team up with someone willing to let you register 20 of their items under your name and give them the proceeds at the end of the sale!)
  2. Tickets are required for the worker pre-sale.
  3. Only one pre-sale ticket per account. (Even if more than one person shares an account.)
  4. Grandparents or co-parents may enter on the worker ticket.
  5. You may pass the extra seller pre-sale ticket you receive from drop-off to someone else.
  6. If at the last minute you can’t attend a shift, please take one of the following actions:
    1. Re-schedule your work shift(s).
    2. Find a suitable replacement for your original work shift(s).
    3. Pay $30 (per shift) so that we can hire someone to work the shift.
      If you fail to show for your work shift, you agree that Little Treasures will deduct an additional 10% from your seller earnings and any applicable incentives will be forfeited.

Sign up to work

Ready to get your worker perks? Visit our location pages to see the worker schedule and to sign up for work shifts.

Louisville Workers

Northern KY Workers