Why resell?

  1. You set the price, we sell it for you.
  2. Earn 70%-85% on things you no longer need.
  3. It’s easy to participate and even easier to get paid.
  4. Shop early at exclusive pre-sales.
  5. Your closets will be clean.
  6. You help eliminate consumer waste.
  7. You can donate leftovers to local kids who really need it.

How it works

1. set up your account
2. sort & hang
3. barcode & tag
4. drop off clothes
5. receive payment

For tips on how to sell, see our Facebook groups:

NKY Facebook Group  |  Louisville Facebook Group

How to Register

First-time seller

We’re glad you decided to sell with us! To get started, you’ll need to register as a first-time seller at the location of your choice.

Louisville NEW Seller Registration

Northern KY NEW Seller Registration


Returning Sellers

Welcome back! Thank you for continuing to sell with us. Please register at the location of your choice:

Louisville RETURNING Seller Registration

Northern KY RETURNING Seller Registration


3 Options for the tag:

  1. Use our tag template (Download) and print on card stock.
  2. Use 3×5 index cards safety pinned vertically.
  3. Buy pre-cut tags during the sale for next time (100 for $1).

Drop off & Pick up info

Drop off preparation

Please read through the drop off steps. Well-organized items make it easier for you to drop your items off!

  1. Clothing is grouped by size & sex (very important!)
  2. Non-clothing is grouped into categories (ex. infant toys, books, dolls)
  3. All items are hung with hook facing left (like a question mark)
  4. All items have tags
  5. All tags have barcodes
  6. Items too large to carry are tagged at drop-off with claim tickets

Drop off instructions

When dropping off your items, you can choose between two options.

Regular drop off:

Appointment necessary, please allow 20-30 minutes for drop-off. You can book a drop off appointment through your seller account.

  1. Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.
  2. Sign in at the cash register area and receive pre-sale tickets.
  3. Order extra barcodes (if needed).
  4. Proceed to the inspection areas in any order you choose (1. clothes, 2. shoes, 3. large items, 4. everything else).
  5. Follow-up with the inspectors processing your items to confirm that inspection is complete. They will return anything to you that couldn’t be accepted.

Drop & Go:

This convenient option is for those donating all rejects and unsold items to our partner charities after the sale.

  1. All tags must be clearly marked with “D” so we know to donate if they don’t sell during the event.
  2. Allow your items to be sold at 1/2 price since you are donating leftovers.
  3. Group clothes by size & sex and toys, etc into like categories. Use rubberbands around clothes hangers and bags/boxes for everything else.
  4. Arrive during the DROP & GO Window you selected and pull up to the drive-thru area (follow signs).
  5. Sign in & get pre-sale tickets.
  6. Pop your trunk and we will unload everything except large items.
  7. You must bring in large items and tag them with claim tickets. Large items do not have to be marked for donate.

Pick-up instructions

  1. Enter and look for your designated rack of hanging items & row of non-hanging.
  2. Pick up your unsold items (pre-sorted into consignor groups of 50. ex. #1000-1049).
  3. Check the lost and found.
  4. Checks will be distributed at pick-up. If you don’t plan to attend pick-up your check will be mailed to you within 7-10 days.
  5. Feel free to grab some hangers for our next sale. They go quickly, so come early if you need hangers, or stay and help un-hang some of the donations.
  6. We cannot be held responsible for any items that you leave behind. Items not picked up by 7pm on the designated pickup day will be donated to a local charity. We cannot make any exceptions due to the tight deadline we have in cleaning up the venue. Thank you for understanding.

Items We Accept

*Click HERE for the Holiday Sale items we accept list.



Accepted (Regular Seasonal Sales only)

Clothes + Shoes

  • Sizes NB – 18/20
  • Up to 250 hanging items
  • Current season, blemish-free
  • Current styles, all brands
  • Bagged onesies + sleepers NB-24mo
  • Athletic wear, dance/gymnastics
  • School uniforms
  • Costumes (fall/winter sale)
  • Swim suits (spring/summer sale)
  • Best 10-pair of shoes per boy/girl


  • All ages
  • All pieces/batteries included
  • Large toys like outdoor playsets, kitchen sets, table & chairs, easels, etc. with minimal wear
  • Bikes, trikes, ride-ons, wagons, scooters
  • Electronics/Game Systems still sold in stores
  • Video games
  • Books
  • Puzzles, games

Baby/Kid Equipment

  • Strollers, car seats
  • Pack n Plays
  • High Chairs & boosters
  • Swings, bouncers, rockers
  • Activity Gyms, jumpers & playmats
  • Carriers, covers, accessories
  • Feeding, sleep, safety essentials
  • Diaper bags, backpacks, lunchboxes, luggage

Kid Decor

  • Baby/Kid furniture
  • Chairs, bean bags
  • Area rugs
  • Wall hangings/Canvas art
  • Hampers & baskets
  • Lamps, window curtains
  • Crib sheets, sheet savers, mattress pads

Not Accepted


  • Blemished, smoky/musty smelling
  • Outdated – more than 4-5 years old
  • Maternity clothes
  • Vacation or date-specific items
  • Team-specific uniform
  • Camp shirts & DIY shirts
  • Used underwear
  • Inappropriate graphics or sayings


  • Anything recalled: Check www.cpsc.gov.
  • Missing pieces, damaged, non-functional
  • DVDs/Blu Ray
  • Soft infant toys – including Fisher Price Learn and Play puppies, Soccer Balls and Leap Frog Baby Tads
  • Dollar store toys, Kid’s Meal toys
  • Bagged puzzles without a picture
  • Random/mismatched bags of toys
  • Obsolete tech toys, games, including Tag Reader Systems
  • VTech – Go Go Smart Wheels Series
  • Used Crafts and Crayola items, including Easy Bake Ovens
  • Stuffed animals without batteries
  • Porcelain dolls, fragile figurines
  • “M” rated video games
  • Textbooks, workbooks, writing books
  • Adult books, cookbooks, maternity/parenting books
  • Little kid purses, cinch bags, metal lunchboxes
  • Stuffies, Pillow Pets, Snuggies

Baby Equipment

  • Anything recalled: Check www.cpsc.gov.
  • Expired car seats/set to expire in one year
  • Cribs manufactured before 6.28.2011.
  • Outdated equipment
  • Breast pumps
  • Complimentary items received at hospital
  • Formula that is expired or within 2 months or with broken seal
  • Shopping cart covers, high chair covers

Kid Decor

  • Baby/Kid bedding sets
  • Pillows
  • Homemade blankets, including crochet
  • Bathroom decor, shower curtains
  • Crib mobiles
  • Trinkets/keepsakes/jewelry holders
  • Party supplies